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What will my breasts look like after an operation?

Many women ask themselves this question. Will my breasts still look natural? How big should the implants be? What if I’m not happy with the result?

Do not worry! With Crisalix you can see before and after pictures thanks to a 3D simulation – free, fast and convenient.

  • Free of charge

    You will receive a picture of your dream breast at no cost!

  • Convenient

    Upload photos of your breasts and Crisalix will create a 3D simulation of your desired breast size.

  • Doctor’s consultation

    You can send the scans to your doctor and then be personally advised on a possible breast operation.

How does Crisalix work?

Crisalix is software that is used in aesthetic medicine to simulate the desired results. 2D photos are analysed with the help of artificial intelligence and realistic 3D images are created. As a pioneer in this industry, Crisalix is used by the best surgeons worldwide to give their patients an answer to the ultimate question “What will I look like after the operation?”.

  1. Register with Crisalix.
  2. Please upload 3 photos as shown in the diagram below. The neck and waist should be visible. Make sure there is enough light and that your body is not covered.
  3. Simulate your desired breast enlargement.
  4. Make the right decision with your doctor and family members.


Nachher (400cc Implantate)

Before and after pictures can be easily generated with Crisalix. You can select different implant sizes and switch between a view with / without a bikini.

Dr. Bartsch is one of the first doctors in Austria to work with the Crisalix 3D simulation for the most accurate preview of your breast surgery. Thanks to numerous advanced training courses and many years of experience, his area of expertise lie in the female breast. Benefit now from a personal consultation and become one step closer to your dream of the perfect breast!